Toddler Sapphire-Rose scoops Baby Sensory Thanet Book Day crown

Sapphire-Rose is transformed into Gangsta Granny

Scores of fantastic Book Day baby and toddler outfits were created last week as parents and carers competed for their little ones to scoop the Baby Sensory Thanet crown.

But it was two-year-old Sapphire-Rose who had the last word with her brilliant costume of the David Walliams’ character Gangsta Granny.

Competition was fierce with Gangsta Granny, hungry caterpillars, the BFG and even Oopma Loompas all competing for the most likes on the Baby and Toddler Sensory Thanet pages.

Book Day competition at Baby and Toddler Sensory Thanet groups was fierce

Sapphire-Rose, from Margate, wins a term of 10 Baby Sensory sessions after scooping more than 400 likes.

Fiona Crawford, Baby Sensory Thanet owner, said: “We were delighted by the amazing entries to our competition and had so much fun viewing our fantastic bookish babies!”

Sapphire-Rose has been a member of the baby Sensory Thanet group since she was three-months-old after mum Billie-Rae and grandma Kelly found out about the sessions on the internet.

Kelly said: “We chose the costume as a family -her mum, Billie, my mum – great grannie, and myself. We just thought it was hilarious and could see her in it, it suited her so well.”

The family signed up for baby Sensory Thanet after deciding they wanted to do something as a family.

Kelly said: “From what we read, it sounded perfect. We went along for a taster session. And after that very first session we knew we would be signing up and have continued ever since. We loved how much fun the class leader  Mel made the sessions and how great it was that every week there was something different, new and exciting to stimulate our babies.”

Not long after joining, Sapphire-Rose was diagnosed with Septo Optic Dysplasia, a rare congenital malformation syndrome, featuring under development of the optic nerves, pituitary gland dysfunction and absence of the septum pullucidum – a midline part of the brain – affecting 1 in 10,000. The condition means Sapphire-Rose is completely blind.

Kelly said: “Due to visual impairment it is not uncommon to be known to be tactile defensive and suffer with sensory processing disorder which means not enjoying touching new things and textures. “This made us realise even more how important it was for Sapphire to continue with these sensory sessions which have helped her experience so many wonderful, different things.

Baby Sensory fun

“Mel is fantastic and always ensures Sapphire is fully included in every single session and we appreciate her so much.

“It’s such a joy to see Sapphire enjoy her classes and watch her grow in to such a lovely, confident girl.”

Baby Sensory Thanet can be found on facebook here or call 07879638492