Councillor and residents spread one tonne of grit on Birchington pavements

Suzanne Brimm, John Bean and Remi Gruszka dig in

Four Birchington residents have dug in to grit the entire length of Station Road.

District councillor Suzanne Brimm said she was prompted to call Kent County Council to ask for a tonne of grit to be delivered to the village due to the treacherous ice on the paths.

And at 4pm today (March 2) the tonne of grit arrived, being deposited at the car parks in Albion Road and by Brills.

The mum-of-two said: “Station Road was treacherous making it impossible for people to walk on the pavement and get to the shops. It was dangerous and I was worried someone would take a nasty fall.

“I phone KCC and said I needed the grit to make the street safe.”

Once the grit arrived Suzanne and residents John Bean and Remi Gruszka, plus another man who decided to help, dug in and spread the entire tonne along all the shops in Station Road, the pathway through Dog Acre, outside the library and The Centre and part of the car park.

The group only stopped work after two hours because it became too dark to carry on.

Suzanne said: “KCC are not prioritising the pavements but obviously the most vunerable people are the pedestrians. Now the grit has been spread it is easier for older residents in Birchington to get to the shops and stay safe.

“I’d like to thank Paul Valek from KCC who was very good and had the grit delivered an hour after I requested it.”

The action was also prompted by news that an elderly gentleman had slipped on the path earlier today in Albion Road. Ambulance staff were not able to get to him for around two hours patient transport crew stayed with him and tried to keep him warm while he waited.


  1. I would personally like to Thank Cllr Brimm for setting this up. Having taken a fall yesterday 01/03/18 whilst walking along the footpath from the library to the adjacent carpark was not particularly a good experience especially as I fell on the hip that needs replacing and for which is no longer a priority at our hospital. Thank you Cllr Brimm.

  2. Well done to Suzanne Brimm and the others who helped her to spread the grit in Birchington. She may engage her mouth before her brain at times, but she is a brilliant local councillor, who cares about her residents.

  3. So many people have done so many good thinks accross the isle in this last few days. Gritting paths and checking on neighbours. Fetching shopping and prescription medicines. Why does this buffoon think her effort is more news worthy than anyone else’s. She’s like a bad smell that just won’t go away. Full of her own self worth.

  4. Yes well done to the community warden and St Nicholas at Wade cllrs too. Give them a round of applause. But hey, wait a minute. They’ve been out for two days shovelling snow and ice, braving the bitter cold torturing weather and low and behold, they don’t go running to the nearest journalist to advertise. Goodness prevails can’t people do something for nothing any more.

      • If someone else had publicized them, then we could have appreciated the modesty of the people concerned,as well as their efforts.

  5. With the amount of council tax we have no choice but to pay why should we rely on good folk?? And why should so many elderly have suffered??

  6. I love Birchington and it’s people, we all pull together to help the community but I am getting a little fed up with it now, if it wasn’t for us all pulling together our lovely little village would go from rack to ruin. The council do NOTHING any more. Thank you Suzanne for all your help and the other guys today. At least YOU CARE Suzanne. Iam sick sorry and fed up with fighting a loosing battle with the council, the more us locals do, the more the council expect.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Another glory-grabbing post by this ‘Cllr’. So many good folk including other Cllrs, neighbours, community leaders, volunteers, emergency services staff etc do wonderful deeds over and above their duty or role every day. Do they run to the press every time? No, they do not. Can we have some real good news from the unsung heroes in our community, not the fame feasting, self congratulating Brimm.

  8. Yea well done wot about the rest of thanet foot paths especially estates st peters roads are concrete Barbie on ice ?

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