Secondary School offers and what happens next

School offers

Emails containing secondary school offers have been sent to Thanet parents today (March 1).

Kent County Council will be unable to take calls about the offers until Monday (March 5) due to officers prioritising work during the current weather conditions.

Secondary Schools offer letters have been sent out by Kent County Council but due to adverse weather conditions may be delayed in delivery.

Parents can also log in after 5pm on 1 March to view their offer online.

Acceptance, or refusal, of offers needs to be done by March 16 directly with the school.

If you didn’t get the school you wanted you can put your child on the waiting list or make an appeal for any of the schools you applied for. You can do either or both for the same school or for different schools. For example, you can appeal for one school and put your child on the waiting list for another.

You can appeal between 1 March and 29 March to guarantee your case will be heard by 15 June.

Find the school appeal form here

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