Newington Natters scheme to tackle loneliness

Join Newington Natters

 Statistics show that 45% of adults feel lonely at times. But help is at hand with a new project launched by Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

The school firmly believes that talking and sharing is at the heart of its community – and it is inviting people to join in Newington Natters at school on Saturday, March 10 from 10.30am.

Newington Natters is an opportunity to enjoy a cuppa and a natter with friends and neighbours. Tea, cakes and biscuits are completely free.

Visitors will be encouraged to join in fun activities for all ages and share gossip, stories and laughs.

Deputy Head Teacher Wayne Beech said: “We want to have a positive impact on our amazing community one act of random kindness at a time.

“Be part of the change and do something positive by signing up today – Newington Natters because Newington Matters.”

Mr Beech, teacher Daniella Appleby and a group of Year 6 pupils have been going out into the community to raise awareness of their campaign.

They have been chatting with residents and handing out information leaflets, and a goody bag containing a biscuit, tea, coffee and milk to encourage them to make and share a cuppa and have a natter with a friend or neighbour.

A special card is being handed out as well with tick boxes on it – once ten random acts have been completed and ticked, the card is then presented at school reception in exchange for a small nominal gift.

Mr Beech added: “This campaign is all about bringing people together. There will be a number of Newington Natters pop-up events through the year to encourage people to regain the art of enjoyable chatting.”

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Our school is all about being inclusive – we do our best to make sure the whole of our community benefits from what we can offer.”

For more information contact Deputy Head Teacher Wayne Beech at the school office or email [email protected]