Cargo ship unloads vehicles at Ramsgate Port

Car shipment to Ramsgate this February Photo Janet Fielding

Cargo ship the Ciudad De Cadiz is at Ramsgate Port.

The ro-ro vessel is unloading a cargo of vehicles in a one-off stop believed to be due to there being no space for her at Felixstowe.

Photo Janet Fielding

The 125m length vessel, which sails under the French flag, arrived at around 7.30am today (February 14).

She has a gross tonnage of 15643 tons.

Thanet council confirmed it was a ‘one-off’ with the successful delivery of 700 vehicles as part of the shipment.

Photo Janet Fielding

In January 2016 a deal was signed between Thanet council and transport and logistics company GEFCO UK Ltd for the use of the Ro-Ro (roll on – roll off) berths and storage for imported cars prior to distribution around the UK.

That deal ended in January 2017.


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