A former Margate man has made an appeal for help to find his biological father

Betty and John (centre)

A former Margate man now living in Southern California is appealing for help to find his biological father.

Michael Robin DeBay has just a photo and the first name of John but hopes it may be enough to jog someone’s memory.

He said: “My mum’s maiden name was Betty Watherston and my biological father was called John. They were in living in Margate before I was brought here (USA) as a young child by my mother.

“I’m trying to find John or his children or family. I have a picture that we found after my mother passed. I have started a page on Facebook and have received many shares, over 1,300, but no successful hits. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I believe in miracles as my mother found her brother in the UK after 62 years. She passed away about five years ago.”

If you have any information that could help Michael email him at [email protected]