A trip down memory lane with Ralph Hoult

Ralph Hoult delves into Ramsgate's past

Even with the rain and sleet falling, crowds still flocked to the Thanet Volunteer Bureau’s “Old Ramsgate” event with Ralph Hoult, OBE, last Sunday afternoon.

As Ralph – ‘Mr Ramsgate’ – took the audience on a trip down Memory Lane, the Thanet Volunteer Bureau, with the Thanet Community Support Partnership, Carers’ Support, Trinity Resource Centre, Caremark and Angela Davies’ Holistic Therapies, were all on hand to offer advice and information about the services they provide to older people and carers, as well as shining a light on the many volunteering opportunities on offer.

The event also promoted local leisure and social events, including Ralph’s new senior citizens’ club -starting at 10am on February 14, at the Community Room, Tesco Extra, Westwood Cross – and the Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival from March 15-18 at Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre.

Jemma, Jayne and Garry from Caremark

TCSP project coordinator Chris Scutt said:“We are absolutely delighted with how Sunday’s event went.  It proved to be a great way of showcasing the amazing volunteering opportunities out there – with our Thanet Good Neighbours (befriending) Service, for example – while also connecting people up with the support services available to older people within our community.

“We are very grateful to Ralph for his absolutely riveting talk; and also to our fantastic volunteers and representatives from the organisations present, but most of all to the public who supported the event by turning out in their numbers”.

Teresa from Carers Support and Julie from Trinity Resource Centre

If you would like to find out more about some of the services offered by the organisations above, you can contact the Thanet Volunteer Bureau on 01843 609337, or email [email protected]

Ralph Hoult
  • Ralph will be hosting the second of 13 Ramsgate History Club workshops taking place at 10am to noon at Thanet Community Development Trust, Hereson Family Centre, Lillian Road, Ramsgate, tomorrow (February 9)Ralph said: “We will have a close look at what an amazing place that we live in — getting together people of all ages who wish to learn more about Ramsgate’s past. Ramsgate has played a vital part in local, national and the world’s heritage.“This week’s session is titled “Building A Town — Ramsgate” and takes you back over 1,000myears of fascinating facts and figures of Bygone Days on how the town started, what it has to offer and the journey up to what we have achieved in recent decades.

    “We also look at the impact on the nation and there has certainly been a bigger impact than you might think.”