Manston Green development awarded £2.5million government funding

Manston Green site

A housing project in Ramsgate has been awarded government funding.

Thirteen projects across the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) area are to receive a share of more than £82million of the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF).

Among them is an infrastructure project for the proposed Manston Green development between Manston Road and Haine Road.

The scheme has received a grant of more than £2.5 million to create a new roundabout and associated road connections to the existing network at the junction between Manston Road and Haine Road.

The Manston Green housing proposal has outline permission, granted in 2016 for a revised design, for 785 homes, a primary school, shop, community hall and public open space.

Developer Cogent Land LLP says the scheme would also facilitate the delivery of the Thanet Parkway station, a park and ride facility, and improved public transport provision.

Housing Secretary Sajid Javid and Chancellor Philip Hammond have announced the successful local bidders as part of 133 council-led projects across the country that will receive support to help make housing developments viable and get homes built more quickly.

Christian Brodie, Chairman of SELEP, said: “Each of the 13 schemes, championed by the respective council’s and endorsed by SELEP, will make an important contribution to the delivery of new homes.

“Having secured nearly £1 in every £10 of the £866m earmarked nationally to support local housing projects, it clearly shows the Government recognises the role our area can play in helping to fix the broken housing market.”


  1. This extra housing, where’s the water and sewage system coming from ?? Also this helps the already hopelessly inadequate road network how ????

  2. Good to see the government backing its commitment to solving the housing crisis by putting some real money into this project. The investment in Stone Hill Park will be significantly larger and should put the area back on a sound financial footing.

    • Absolutely, why our local MPs keep banging on about airports and not support a development like this for Stone Hill Park i do not know. What is clear is that Thanet is going to be developed by having more housing with or without an airport so why don’t the local MPs just get on board and help manage the process rather than keep throwing logs in front of the train. (see Criag Mackinlay – PM Question Time Isle Thanet News 7th Feb 2018)

  3. 95% affordable to rent ? But Parkway is in the long grass and not everyone wants the airport (including the ‘Real UKIP and Labour allies.)

  4. We don’t need a £2.5 million roundabout. We need an entire road network that will soon be backed up for hours,a hospital that isn’t overrun and a doctors where you can get an appointment.

  5. The Developers will have to fund the Noise Reduction Measures, as Newbuilds., won’t qualift for any Compensation from RiverOak…..
    The Government Grant is towards the Infrastructure. I.e. the main roads…Not the buildings ..

  6. This won’t be built if the airport re-opens… Slap bang in the flightpath in what would need to be a safety zone I am sure.

  7. Another nail in the coffin of the airport. The Tory government is kicking sand in the faces of their own MPs and councillors in Thanet, as well as Ukippers.
    But they are all too servile to admit it, so they persist with time-wasting “plans” for cargo-hubs etc. It’s getting embarrassing listening to them.

  8. Perhaps the government department which allocated the funding for these houses hasn’t been told that RSP are working up to applying for a DCO for a cargo hub airport.

  9. “Cheap housing” for Manston?? If only!! “Executive-style homes ” for London commuters aren’t cheap. We need a council that will insist on genuinely affordable houses and Social Housing for rent to be a large part of the housing mix on the former airport.

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