Write Around the Isle with Jane Wenham-Jones: Audience wanted – no snoring allowed!

Open mic night

If the words “open mic” wash you over with  a small shiver of dread, I sympathise.

I, too, have been sat in a circle for that 186-stanza autobiographical ode by the woman with the twitch – amongst the low rumble of assorted snores and the slumped bodies of those who’ve actually fainted with the tedium of it all. And felt my heart plummet to my boots as the chap with at least twenty pages of A4 in his hands explains his will probably take a bit longer than the five minutes allotted but we’re in for a treat because it’s a “comedy” in rhyming couplets and all his friends down the pub say he’s a complete scream and should be on the stage.

Broadly Speaking

Fear not. At Broadly Speaking, the new open mic gathering for story-tellers hosted by BroadstairsLit, we’re on top of the stopwatch. We have great story tellers lined up for our first session and the bar will be open – which always helps. Six brave souls have signed up to entertain us – the only criteria is that the story should be enjoyable and contained to a ten minute time slot – and we are looking forward to welcoming many more in the coming months.

All we need now is plenty of lovely people to listen.  Please come along to the Yarrow Hotel on Sunday, January 28 at 7.30pm ready to clap, guffaw,  or sigh in appreciation.  And have a drink and a chat. Perhaps even be inspired to put your own name down for a future session. Broadly speaking is open to anyone with an original story to tell – fictional or non-fiction, in any style or genre as long as it won’t upset the horses. All welcome. No snoring allowed…

Book a slot

Broadly Speaking will be held a the Yarrow Hotel at 7.30pm on the last Sunday of each month excluding August and December and is open to anyone who has an original story to tell. Participants are free to use notes or the full text when performing.

If you wish  to book a slot, please contact us via the form on the website or via email to [email protected], giving us your name and contact details and a brief summary of the story you want to tell.

For further details see https://broadstairslit.co.uk/broadly-speaking-3/

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Tickets online at We Got Tickets via the event links on https://broadstairslit.co.uk/events/ or from House of Martin, 60 High Street, Broadstairs,Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm – cash only.

Find out more

On the website at https://broadstairslit.co.uk/or the facebook page here

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