Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils get into the groove with East Kent College

Music students from EKC with Ramsgate Arts pupils

Pupils at Ramsgate Arts Primary School are getting into the groove exploring a wide range of music in their lessons.

In addition to their usual curriculum, they have joined in a series of workshops with BTec music students from East Kent College at Broadstairs.

RAPS pupils discovered a range of different percussion styles and time signatures playing African djembes, tambourines, hand drums and shakers.

Another taster session with the EKC musicians explored electronic keyboards, drums, acoustic and electric guitars; while a third workshop encouraged the younger players to write lyrics and create a song on the spot.

Simon Nobbs, deputy head of Creative Studies at East Kent College, said: “Working with the RAPS children is a very important part of our students’ learning for their BTec qualification. It is a great opportunity for them to develop their community music skills.

“They enjoyed encouraging the children to try different musical ideas and develop their abilities. They will be evaluating their own experience as part of their coursework.

“ We hope to return in the spring for further sessions.”

RAPS Head of School Nick Budge said: “Our children love music and this was another dimension to their learning. They were really enthusiastic about the various skill sets they began to explore in the workshops and also had a lot of fun.”