Volunteers join up for the mission to get Thanet active with GOGA

Hina and Vanessa have joined up with GOGA

Volunteers have been joining up for the newly launched Get Out Get Active Thanet (GOGA programme, supporting people of all abilities  to take part in fun and inclusive activities together.

Vanessa Vajana,47, was one of the first to answer the call- out for GOGA Activators.

Vanessa was drawn to the programme due to her own use of exercise to manage a health condition.

She said: “When I saw the GOGA Activator advert I thought it would be a perfect fit for me as I have used my enjoyment for swimming to help me manage my own health condition in a positive manner and I hope to be able to inspire others to do the same.

“I have personal insight of the barriers people may have towards exercise and other activities based on my own personal experience.

“On a daily basis, since 2013 I have been managing muscle skeletal, neuropathic and joint pain in addition to a bowel condition due to nerve damage from my spine. My condition means I may get extremely tired at times and may require a toilet at very short notice.

“By keeping myself active via swimming and Aqua Gym I have been able to manage my condition in a positive manner and strongly believe that finding an activity that one enjoys can help one become stronger both mentally and physically.

“Over the last year I have completed two swimming challenges and raised more than £1,200 for Aspire.

“Dependant on my health over the next year I am hoping to challenge myself again and hope to inspire and get others involved through the GOGA project.”

Read Vanessa’s story here

A question of time

Hina Olive, 55, has also signed up as a GOGA Activator.

She said “The Activator role totally summed me-up, as I understand the common barriers people face in undertaking physical activity.

“Like most people, the barriers I face is time! Dividing my time for family life, work and health and want to now use my life experiences and passion to help motivate and inspire others to get active.

“Above all, I love that GOGA is local. Having lived in Thanet for over 40 years, I am now able to be in position to help my local community.”

The programme

The GOGA programme supports disabled and non-disabled people to take part in activities together.

Being active means doing more exercise and activity which helps you stay healthy and makes you feel happier.

GOGA project coordinator Sarah Johnson said: “Just a little bit of exercise has massive benefits, it not only improves physical health and energy levels, but also improves self-esteem and mood.

“There are lots of people who don’t do any activities at all and GOGA Thanet wants to help get these people moving more through fun activities that everyone can join in.

“I’d love to see Thanet as a place where people regularly live healthy lives to 100 and beyond.”

Get involved

Programme bosses are calling for an army of GOGA Activator’s to help inspire the inactive people of Thanet to become more active!

Being a GOGA Activator you will help encourage family and friends to become more active.

For further details and information on how to get involved, drop Sarah a line at: [email protected] or visit gogathanet.co.uk