Poorly seal washed up at Ramsgate evades rescuers

The poorly seal spotted at Ramsgate Photo Jez Stone

Members of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team were called out to a large, sick adult seal on Ramsgate beach today (December 30).

The BDMLR is an organisation dedicated to the rescue and well-being of all marine animals in distress around the UK.

Member Jez Stone said: “We contained it for as long as we could but it got past us and back into the sea before the vet arrived.

“It may well come back out over the next couple of days as it is very poorly. If seen please do not get too close as a seal of this size can be very aggressive, and it is a large animal.”

The seal was some 150lbs underweight and suffering from seal pox and breathing difficulties. By returning to the sea he may infect others in the colony.

The BDMLR members spent some five hours on the beach trying to help the seal. It was their fourth call out in 10 days.

If you spot the seal call BDMLR on  01825 765546 or the coastguard on 01304 210008 and they will send trained medics to attend.

Please also keep dogs away from the seal.

Find out more about the BDMLR here

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  1. Not wishing to sound nasty or heartless but isn’t it better to let nature take it’s course?
    There are large numbers of seals in this area living on sandbanks in the Thames Estuary and the River Stour and not only are they big, but they have big appetites too but no natural predators. This does mean a decline in our fish stocks. I have personally seen a seal up the river as far as Plucks Gutter with a large pike in it’s mouth.
    If a few die from natural causes like seal pox then it’s just natures way of keeping the balance in check.

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