Ramsgate RNLI interrupt Christmas Eve bash to rescue stranded yachtsman

Photo RNLI Ramsgate

Ramsgate RNLI crew had to interrupt their Christmas Eve gathering after a yacht got into difficulty yesterday (December 24).

UK coastguard requested the assistance of the lifeboat at just after 1.30pm.

The crew, who were just gathering to begin enjoying a Christmas Eve social afternoon at Mariners Bar, left their families and a buffet, to come to the aid of the lone yachtsman.

Whilst making their way to the casualty, they found they were clear of the beach, but not making way to the harbour.

The lifeboat came alongside and offered to tow him into harbour, but the casualty declined. Two crew then transferred aboard to explain to the casualty the need for a tow, with the ILB remaining on scene.

After approximately three quarters of an hour, the craft drifting even further from Ramsgate, the casualty eventually accepted the ILB tow and was finally brought safely into harbour and placed on a berth.