Two London drug dealers who targeted a vulnerable Margate man have been jailed

A third man is due to be sentenced in January

Jailed: Omar and Gedi have been sentenced

Three London crooks targeted a vulnerable man in Margate, using his property to deal drugs from.

Kent Police attended the property in Northdown Road at 10pm on July 1, 2016, to check on the victim’s welfare.

When police arrived and knocked on the door they could hear raised voices and knew something was wrong.

The man they had come to visit sounded concerned, despite claiming he was ok, and asked the officers to leave.

Police heard a flurry of activity and regardless of the man’s request they forced their way into the house.


Anis Omar, 18, Fesal Mahamud, 19, and Mohammed Gedi, 21, were found inside the property surrounded by cash and drug paraphernalia.

Gedi was found hiding behind the fridge with paperwork concerning the supply of crack cocaine. Omar and Mahamud had hundreds of pounds of cash in their pockets along with phones that rang incessantly.

Officers seized a set of electronic scales, a tub of Vaseline, cling film, baby lotion and discarded cling film wrapping. Once in custody Omar was also found to be concealing nine wraps of crack cocaine and seven wraps of heroin secreted inside his body.

All three admitted to possession with intent to supply crack cocaine and heroin but only Omar and Gedi were sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on 14 December.


Gedi received six years and three months in prison whilst Omar will serve two years in a Young Offenders Institute.

Mahamud is due to be sentenced in January 2018.


Investigating officer DC Sarah Phillips said: “These drug dealers are motivated by profit and spare absolutely no thought for the vulnerable people they manipulate along the way.

“Our officers regularly carry out welfare checks in areas where we believe this type of activity is going on. And we will continue to do this in order to break down these drug lines. I’m pleased that all three have been convicted and will now be locked away from the public where they can no longer pose a threat.

“If anyone suspects that drug dealing may be taking place please always report it to us immediately.”

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  1. Oh brilliant, I love to read about these criminals getting convicted as they are just scum and don’t deserve to be running around in our society. It’s a shame different successive governments have failed to clamp down on drugs. Letting people in the country unidentified and freely crossing the borders has something to do with this but harsher sentencing first time round needs considering.
    I have seen guys like these in Cliftonville openly dealing drugs in Clifton Road, where they have walked around the corner from Northdown Road slip a hand down to their back passage and retrieve a small package and pass it to someone in exchange for notes many a time and reported it too. The guy was sitting in a Kebab shop window on his phone constantly making these deals at one point, this progresses to a vulnerable persons home where they take it over under threats of violence. And there will be more victims out there who need to get the message over to the police. Neighbours need to be vigilant and report any suspicions to the police.

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