Convicted Margate sex offender who stalked nursery worker is jailed

Jailed: Sex offender Ricky Neville

A  convicted sex offender from Margate who stalked a nursery school worked has been jailed for four years.

Ricky Neville, 49, of Grosvenor Place, stalked his victim on three separate occasions outside the nursery she worked in.

The court heard how on Thursday 21 September the woman was at work and when she went outside she saw Neville acting strangely and looking at her. He darted behind a tree, hid for a couple of minutes and then crept back out.

The woman shouted that she could see him and he walked off down an alleyway. The worried victim reported the incident to Kent Police.

Second incident

During the evening of Thursday 28 September, when the woman was at work again, she looked out of the window to see Neville, who had only recently been released from prison, walking past the railings outside the nursery. She was once again afraid and called police immediately. Officers attended the location and escorted her home.


During the third incident at around 7pm on Monday 2 October the woman had travelled to work with her sister for safety. Neville was spotted again acting suspiciously outside. She called her partner who came to her work and chased him away.

Previous offender

The victim was able to confirm Neville’s identity to Kent Police during enquiries and he was charged. Neville who had not long been released from prison admitted to stalking and breaching a sexual offences prevention order, which he’d been given by the court following his previous conviction.

Among other things the order prevents him from being within 100 metres of children and in public parks, private gardens and church yards unsupervised.

He was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court yesterday (18 December).


Investigating officer PC Sarah Stanford said: “Neville repeatedly offends and this is not the first time he has breached an order imposed by the court. He has shown complete disregard for any of the restrictions that have been placed upon him and absolutely terrified an innocent woman in the process.

“Crimes which see victims feeling too upset and worried to leave their house is absolutely unacceptable. Everyone should feel safe to go to work and carry on their daily lives. No one should have to make special arrangements to avoid being subjected to disturbing acts like this.”