Residents evacuated due to fire in Fort Hill property

Image KFRS

Fire crews were called to The Hoy in Margate tonight (December 11) following a reported ‘explosion.’

Crews were called around 6pm to the bar/kitchen in Fort Hill.

Residents in surrounding properties had to be evacuated, including many older people from Sandpiper Court.

One resident said: “Myself and a lot of other people were evacuated from our homes this evening due to the fire in the Hoy. We were all sent to Barnacles, along with elderly people from Sandpiper Court, as the smoke was coming into the building.

“The Dunkirk spirit came out and we all rallied around helping each other.”

Kent Fire and Rescue Service sent four engines to the scene.

Wearing breathing apparatus, firefighters entered the property to find a well developed fire in the kitchen area. Crews used a hose reel jet, main jet and a defensive fan, to contain the fire in the kitchen.

There were no reported injuries. It is believed to have been accidental and involved pipework behind the walls.

The kitchen was completely destroyed by the fire and the restaurant and two flats above were left with smoke damage.