New consultation dates announced for Manston airport site proposals

Manston airport

The firm aiming to bring aviation back to Manston airport has announced two public consultation dates.

RiverOak Strategic Partners is proposing to reopen Manston airport as an air freight hub with associated business aviation and passenger services.

The company had planned to submit an application for a Development Consent Order to the Planning Inspectorate to allow a compulsory purchase of the site by the end of this year. It bought out the DCO rights from the original proposing company RiverOak corporation last December.

But that date has now been delayed to allow for more public consultation.

RSP will hold the events on January 23 at the Comfort Inn in Ramsgate between 2pm and 8pm and on January 24 at The Kings Hall, Herne Bay, from 2pm to 8pm.

Site owners Stone Hill Park held consultation events last month on their reworked proposals for housing, business, heritage and leisure space at the site.

An updated application will be lodged with Thanet council in the new year.


  1. It appears that the
    other Interesred Parties” have been discredited by SHP….
    What have the promotors of these “Other Interested Parties” got to say now, ..
    SMA,, SuMA, Cllr Ruseiki , Cllr Wells ?

  2. This has turned into a blooming great pantomime which is lasting years at the expense of Thanet and it’s residents. Why can’t something be agreed on by the members so we can move on with action rather than more meaningless words and announcements with nothing happening. The Government department are watching closely and will take over the running and a new plan shortly if the Council don’t put it in place now.

  3. No point in holding further consultations if they aren’t honest with residents. People are entitled to know how many night flights and how much noise. Any consultation which doesn’t give them this information is a sham.

  4. We have 2 alternatives for the site. An airport with travel opportunities and Job creation or a pile of houses to line some developers pockets. The effect on the local infrastructure and overload of roads, hospitals, doctors, drinking water, sewage etc make the housing option a dreadful idea. And in my opinion, all the hype about leisure facilities, “Advancex Manufacturing”, wave pools etc is fantasy!

  5. If the housing proposed by Stone Hill Park’s owners is not allowed to be built on the former airport site, it will be built elsewhere in Thanet. Our government is not interested in funding council housing. There are thousands of disused buildings in Britain, a large proportion of them being in towns. But instead of rethinking their housing policies, the Tories continue to think in terms of home ownership. For the same reason, they will develop new roads rather than encourage the use of public transport.

    Those who object to the imposition of thousands of new homes on Kent should be lobbying their MPs about these matters and not hoping that some previously unheard of company will impose a 24/7 cargo hub airport on us instead.

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