Special Stars at Christmas: 28 youngsters with additional needs to join our magical party

Families from 4us2 will join our Christmas fun

Twenty-eight children with additional needs will be attending a special Christmas party organised by Princess World UK and supported by The Isle of Thanet News.

The youngsters, and their parents and carers, are all members of Margate’s 4us2 parent-led charity.

The group aims to give parents and carers of youngsters with disabilities a better say in what services should be on offer and what improvements should be made.

The majority of our staff and trustees at 4us2 – which also has bases in Canterbury and Swale – are parents of disabled children.

They provide advice and support, workshops and training, social events and days out. The charity helps disabled children (aged 0 to 12) and young people (aged 12 to 25) and their parents, carers and siblings.

4us2 is currently funded by Kent County Council Disabled Children’s Service.

Our special guests

Youngsters from the group will be guests at the Special Stars Christmas party on Thursday, December 21 at the Princess World venue at Westwood Business Park. The Princess World team will now be hosting TWO character-filled parties for more than 50 guests, with gifts for the children, food and drink, games and a special visit from Santa.

Princess World UK will also carry out a present run on Christmas Eve to the children’s Rainbow Ward at Margate’s QEQM Hospital.


Operations manager for 4us2, Victoria Elliott, said: “I asked our members and service users to put forward their child’s name if they thought it would be something they would enjoy, and the response was huge.

“Twenty-eight children and their parent/carers will be attending the party, all of whom have an additional need, including Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum condition and some are wheelchair users.

“When you are the parent/carer of a child or young person with a disability, it is often very difficult to access events like this for many reasons.  Children on the Autistic spectrum can feel overwhelmed by large crowds, noise and even smells which can make them feel anxious, which in turn can lead to challenging behavior.

“Even though small charities, such as ourselves, and national charities do so much to raise awareness about disability and the daily challenges it brings,  parents can often feel their children are not understood and they, themselves, can feel judged and isolated.

“Being able to bring the children to an event such as this really makes them and their parents and carers feel valued and gives them a chance to join in with festivities. We are incredibly grateful that Princess World has given us an opportunity to attend and experience a little Christmas sparkle!”

Nominate a special child

We are asking you to nominate a youngster who you think deserves this treat. Just tell us their name, age and address, along with your contact details and a summary in 250 words or less saying  why you have nominated them.

Entries to be sent to [email protected] by midnight on December 1.

Your help

We are also asking for donations of small gifts for children and young people which will be given to our party-goers and the youngsters who will be spending their Christmas in Rainbow Ward.

Donations can be taken to Princess World, Westwood Business Park, Strasbourg Street, Margate CT9 4JJ. Call 01843 309602.


Find out more about the charity by clicking here