Margate’s Antony Gormley ‘man’ sculpture will stay in place for another year

The Gormley sculpture will stay on Fulsam Rock until November 2018 Photo Frank Leppard

The Antony Gormley sculpture will stay on the chalk bed in front of Turner Contemporary until November 30, 2018 after gallery bosses decided to extend its stay for a second time.

The exhibition of the ‘man’ model  at Fulsam Rock was due to end on November 5 but proved so popular  Turner Contemporary extended the stay until the end of this month.

It has now been announced that the sculpture will stay put for another full year.

Photo Paul Trindall

ANOTHER TIME is a series of one hundred sculptures and is identical to the 100 sculptures of ANOTHER PLACE (2007) which is permanently installed on Crosby Beach, Merseyside. The body forms are taken from 17 distinct body casting sessions that were carried out in 1995.

Photo Pier-Luigi del Renzio

Each of the  individual pieces has been cast five or six times and shows the manner of its making – traces of cling film, mould joint lines, the sections of the plaster positive and the ingates for the molten metal are all clearly visible on the rusting surface.

The Margate sculpture is the first time these particular casts have been exhibited.

The sculpture, made of cast iron and weighing 650kgs, and the rocks, becomes visible about 3 hours before low tide, so to be sure of seeing it, check the daily tide times here.

Photo Ben Cooper

The sculpture had a near miss last month when a 75 metre cargo ship ran aground at Fulsam Rock – just metres from the art work.

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