Fisherman rescued by Margate RNLI and taken to hospital with back injury

The injured man was brought into Ramsgate harbour and met by paramedics Photo Brian Whitehead

Margate RNLI rescued a man suffering back injuries after he was hit by a concrete-based whelk pot while aboard a commercial fishing boat today (November 15).

The crew were called around 1.30pm. The fishing vessel was around 15 miles off the north Kent coast at the time and Margate’s RNLI all-weather lifeboat along with the coastguard rescue helicopter were tasked to assist.

Once on scene the helicopter transferred its winchman/paramedic, and the lifeboat transferred one of its crew who is a paramedic with South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMS) to the fishing vessel to assess the casualty.

Photo (RNLI Margate-Karl Davey)

After casualty care had been provided it was decided to transfer the fisherman back to shore on board the lifeboat, under the care of the helicopter paramedic and lifeboat crew. An additional lifeboatman was put aboard the fishing vessel to assist its safe return to Ramsgate.

The injured man was brought to Ramsgate harbour where the ramp meant paramedics were able to standby.

Photo Brian Whitehead
Photo Brian Whitehead

A spokesman for Secamb said: “We were called at 3.10pm to the West Crosswall at Ramsgate harbour to a report of an industrial accident. An ambulance car, paramedic crew and ambulance crew attended as well as the coastguard and lifeboat.

Photo Malcolm Kirkaldie

“We worked together to treat the patient who was then taken to QEQM hospital with a back injury as a result of being hit by the whelk pot.”

Nick Smith, Deputy Launching Authority Margate lifeboat, said: “This was a tricky operation requiring careful planning by all involved. The presence of the helicopter paramedic and our own lifeboat crew member who is a paramedic allowed for the best possible care to be provided to the casualty.”

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