Ramsgate Skate Park Project bring Warre Rec basketball court back into use

Warre Rec basketball court has been brought back to life

Volunteers from the Ramsgate Skate Park project have almost completed work to bring the basketball court at Warre Rec back into use.

The 10 volunteers weeded the court area and a roadsweeper was used to clear gravel and glass.

New backboards have been decorated with street art and put in place.

Volunteer Maxine Morgan said: “It’s fantastic work by Drew, Michael and UDS, my boys and everyone that cleared the court. It was so nice to see the kids so enthusiastic.”

The skate group has applied to Kent County Council for £550 in funding to help with the project.

Isle firm Unique Design Solutions (UDS) carried out installation works free of charge. There are just a few minor jobs to finish, including the lining to be put in place by Thanet council.

Find the Ramsgate Skate Park Project on facebook here


  1. Excellent. Maybe we are moving towards Thanet Council providing a car park so those of us who are disabled can go and watch our children play and the rec can be used for what it was gifted to the people of Ramsgate for (leisure activities), not so the council could sell off a large chunk to Kent Fire & Rescue for what people at the school gates are quoting as a number with six zeros in it.
    Much better would have been to put the fire station in the old gas works site and not bring a potentially dangerous situation outside the school gates. Lets hope that a fire engine is not pulling out when the same woman who was on her phone nearly wiped out the school caretaker who was halfway across the road on the crossing the other day…
    Thinking about it, if the council put a fixed road safety camera to catch people on their phones from the end of Manston Road to Newington Road bridge, it would be paid for in a few months.

  2. Really, your blog defines a clear scenario about the best way to use a park and make it a basketball court for different children. In this way, the community enjoys their basketball court and the children get a scope to make their practice and inherent their basketball skill. The Ramsgate Skate Park Project definitely brings the Warre Rec basketball court back because Drew, Michael and UDS give their 100% effort to complete this project successfully. The most important thing is, the Isle firm also carried out the installation works free of charge, which is an appreciable contribution for the children. By the contribution of these people, the park seems to be the best basketball court in this community.

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