Scheme launched in Ramsgate to help stop theft of allotment tools

PCSO John Litchfield marking up tools Photo Kent Police

A scheme to deter thieves from stealing gardening tools has been introduced in Ramsgate.

Working with Ramsgate Town Council, Police Community Support Officers from Thanet Community Safety Unit have been security marking the tools with distinctive unique codes.

Each allotment in Ramsgate has a different designated paint colour for the gardeners to mark their tools and all codes are prominently placed on the equipment.

It is hoped the ongoing initiative will help to deter thieves by making it harder for the stolen items to be sold on at places like car boot fairs.

When stolen items are recovered, the distinctive markings will also be easier to identify where to return them.

Ramsgate PCSO John Litchfield said: “Theft from allotments is rare but with such a scheme we are hoping it will deter even more and enable us to return stolen items to their rightful owners.”