Birchington carer’s appeal to track down child’s wheelchair buggy

A Snappi buggy has been taken

A Birchington carer is appealing for help after a disabled buggy was taken from outside her home this morning (November 7).

Kerry Parker was unloading the car and while she took some other items into the house in Green Road the Snappi black wheelchair buggy was taken

Kerry needs the chair on a daily basis for a child with disabilities.

She has appealed for help on social media in a bid to get it back.

She said: “It’s a disabled buggy that is used for a child on a daily basis. It was removed from the car and whilst other things were taken into the house, the buggy was taken.

“There are reports of the scrap men doing the rounds so it could possibly be innocent mistake and hopefully will be handed back.”

The incident has been reported to police. If you know where the buggy is contact Kent Police on 101 or email [email protected] and we will pass the details on to Kerry.


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  1. That was no innocent mistake. There are too many low lives around that will do whatever is needed – apart from work – to get money.

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