Two skeletons from the Roman era unearthed on farmland close to Ramsgate’s harbour approach tunnel

Dr Paola Ponce of Archaeology South-East Institute of Archaeology University College London, in Portslade, examines the two skeletons Ciaran McCrickard Photography

Two skeletons, dating back to Roman era, have been uncovered in Ramsgate.

They were discovered by Southern Water workers who were replacing sewer pipes at farmland off Royal Harbour Approach earlier this year.

The details have been released now an investigation by Archaeology South East (ASE) has been completed.

ASE scientists used a special method called Carbon 14 dating to determine the age of the bones.

Ciaran McCrickard Photography

It found both skeletons were from Roman times – one was dated to AD 428 to 630 the other to 200  to 239 BC.

The date ranges encompass two periods of significant change in the southeast British Isles: the end of the Iron Age and the end of Roman occupation.

Archaeology South East are employed by Southern Water as their archaeological advisers and consultants.

Ciaran McCrickard Photography

Neil Griffin, from ASE, said: “Southern Water contact us to understand the risks of encountering archaeology on any of their schemes.

“The more information we have, the more we can learn about the past, the more we can design research strategies for future works.”

Now the investigation into the skeletons is completed they will be re-buried in a safe location close to where they were found.

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