Dreamland’s Cinque Ports and Ziggy’s rooftop bar receive 5 star hygiene rating

Cinque Ports

Dreamland Margate’s restored 1930’s pub, Cinque Ports, and Ziggy’s, its rooftop bar on the seafront, have both been awarded with a five star food hygiene rating.

The rating follows an inspection on October 25.

In August the site received a 1 rating after flooding at Ziggy’s and the Cinque Ports due to heavy rainfall.

Both venues had to be closed for repairs.

A Dreamland spokesman said: “The buildings are renovated Victorian buildings and the flooding caused a number of operational issues, recognised by the inspection, and we closed the venues for repair work. They reopened in September and provide customers with high quality food and a great selection of drinks.”

Ziggy’s Photo Pip Rees

A re-inspection has now confirmed the top food hygiene rating.

The Dreamland spokesman said: “We’re delighted with the five star rating for Cinque Ports and Ziggy’s. Both businesses provide a quality experience for the customer, with a great selection of food and drink available.

“Cinque Ports has just announced its first Christmas menu and the team is looking forward to showcasing this over the festive period.”

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