Quex estate holiday-let complex plans approved

The buildings will be renovated

Redundant farm buildings at Quex will be converted to create a holiday let complex after Thanet councillors approved the scheme.

Quex estate, in Birchington, plans to convert barns and an old granary store on the site to create 9 holiday lets and create one further building to contain two more.

In total the development will provide 1 x 1 bedroom holiday let, 9 x 2-bedroom holiday lets and 1 x 3-bedroom holiday let, each with their own kitchens, bathrooms and self-contained accommodation.  There will also be a club room and reception.

The holiday let site at Quex

The remainder of the rebuilt barn will be the subject of a separate commercial application to follow.

The buildings are arranged around an open former farmyard with areas fenced off for livestock, chickens, sheep and pigs.

Speaking at last night’s planning committee meeting Antony Curwen, Quex farm director, said: “The holiday accommodation will be quality, self-contained units with access to a clubhouse in renovated farm buildings. These buildings are in urgent need of repair or they will fall down.”

Mr Curwen said the buildings currently have no economic use but the scheme will mean their use creates employment and boosts tourism.

Planning members were unanimous in their support.

In their report the planning officer said the scheme will bring: “significant economic benefits to the local area and a positive contribution to Thanet’s visitor economy; as the scheme would create jobs during the construction period and once the holiday let use is in its day-to-day operation and furthermore future occupants could bring additional expenditure in the area.”

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  1. In the near future. Our country will once again be independent. Our farms which have during eec ownership , have been reduced to growing grass and crazy golf. Who gives these foolish people the right to allow any farm land or property to be reduced even further to become holiday lets on the already overcrowded former island. Where hundreds of thousands of new residents have set up home. Our farms are going to be massively important for those of us who eat food. Will much appreciate eating British produce, if there is anywhere left to grow anything, after the brain dead idiots allowing holiday cottages to get in the way. Just look around Thanet today. Unrecognisable from ten years ago. Most farm land already thrown away. Stop. Time eating was given a bit of consideration. Sack the fools who are covering our land with overcrowded buildings.. who on earth has given them the right to do this. Please dont tell me its a Conservative Government edict. Just because Thanet blindly elects such people on previous form. Vote ukip for a less crowded future I say.. best wishes. From a former resident , who has moved to more spacious fields. Mick g.

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