Two binmen on rounds in Margate have been attacked

A binman Stock Image

Police have been called to Margate after two binmen were assaulted this afternoon (October 17)

Kent Police were called to Mere Gate at 12.16pm. They are currently on the scene carrying out enquiries.

Thanet council Director of Operational Services Gavin Waite said:Attacks on the public servants who serve our communities are totally unacceptable. There is absolutely no justification for any worker to be threatened or abused while doing their job.

“Our refuse collectors carry out a vital role in keeping our community clean and tidy and this type of behaviour directed towards our staff will not be tolerated. The matter is currently being investigated by the police.”


  1. Hmmmm I’m not surprised the way they just hog the street not giving a f**k about any other road user. I’m only surprised it hasn’t happened long before now

    • What? With that attitude, you should go out and ram some road workers who are being very inconsiderate with you by putting out cones. Unbelievable???

  2. Hey,if you don’t like your local bin men,then take your own rubbish to the tip. No bins outside your house,no reason for them to interact with you. Simple.

  3. Anyone who thinks it is in any way OK to assault people doing a very difficult job for very little money doesn’t deserve to live in civilised society

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