Teenager taken to hospital after Cliftonville collision

Image Kent Police

A teenage boy was taken to hospital yesterday (October 15) after being hit by a car in Cliftonville.

Kent Police received a report of the collision in Northdown Road involving a car and a pedestrian at 4.51pm.

Officers attended the scene.

A teenage boy suffered an injury and was taken to hospital.


  1. It was me. I was hit outside Eat-A-Pizza at the bottom end of Northdoen Road near the Thanet Cars Taxi Office. I broke my left shoulder, broke my right shoulder, my right shoulder ball and socket were separated four inches apart. I had an operation on Monday just gone which was meant to take two hours but ended up taking four hours as my shoulder had healed but in the wrong place. I’ve got 27 staples in my right arm. The driver told the police that she was only going at about 25-30mph but I don’t believe she was because I don’t believe that an impact at 25-30mph would’ve done this much damage. I believe that she was going 35mph at the lowest and 40mph at the highest

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