Thanet council has approved a review that could see 20 isle councillor seats axed

Thanet council

Thanet council has approved a review that could see the number of district councillors for the isle axed from 56 to 36.

Members at a full council meeting last night (October 12) agreed to invite the Boundary Commission to conduct an electoral review.

The decision on the proposed number of councillors is to be delegated to Chief Executive Madeline Homer in consultation with Councillors Jenny  Matterface, Chris Wells and Bob Bayford.

A member’s briefing on the issue will be held next week.

A public consultation will also take place.

There are currently 56 councillors  made up of 25 UKIP; 21 Conservative; 6 Labour; 2 Independent Group and 2 Independent councillors.

The review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England will examine the number, boundaries and names of wards and the number of councillors to be elected to each in Thanet.

A  report to councillors outlines what an electoral review is and  why the council is considering undertaking one. The report suggests a reduction in the number of councillors from 56 to approximately 36.

Canterbury City Council (CCC) and Shepway District Council (SDC) have already undertaken electoral reviews to reduce the number of councillors and Dover District Council (DDC) has very recently agreed to undertake a review. This leaves Thanet as the only council in East Kent not to have taken the steps.

The changes recommended by the review are likely be implemented at the May 2019 elections.


  1. 36 seems to many of the pathetic standard we have!!
    The whole of TDC needs looking at. Staff paid to much to many holidays. Could save a fortune.

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