Pupils who sat the Kent Test will get their results this week

School choices

Children who sat the Kent Test last month will find out whether they have been assessed for a grammar school place this week.

Kent County Council will email families who registered online for the test after 4pm on Thursday, October 12 with their child’s assessment result.

The volume of emails sent out means some internet service providers may delay the delivery to personal email accounts.

Families who registered online can log on after 5pm on Thursday, October 12 and view their child’s results and test scores if they have kept their log-in and password details.

Letters will be sent on Thursday afternoon, to arrive on doormats from Friday.

Test results

To be given a grammar school assessment, children need to get a total score of 320 or more, with no single score lower than 106. The lowest possible score is 69 and the highest is 141 on each test. The highest possible total score is 423.


You cannot appeal against a Kent Test result, only against a decision not to be awarded a grammar school place. Find more details here Kent Appeals Booklet

School applications deadline

Parents need to submit an application for their child’s secondary school by Tuesday, October 31 and can name up to four schools in order of preference.

Details of secondary schools in Kent and how to apply can be found here: https://www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/school-places/secondary-school-places#tab-2

School allocations

Wednesday, March 1, 2018, emails from 4pm, letters posted first class


KCC’s policy on home-to-school transport allows parents to see whether there is any help available for their child. Details can be found here: www.kent.gov.uk/schooltransport

‘Stressful time’

Roger Gough, KCC’s cabinet member for children, young people and education, said: “I appreciate this is a stressful time for families and we try to make the process as straightforward as possible.

“In Kent we are lucky to have a rich and diverse mix of schools, and parents should consider this when naming the schools they would like their child to attend, in priority order. It is also vital that parents carefully consider how their child will get to school, before applying for a school place.

“Last year we launched a new software system, which allowed parents to find out how their child had scored in the Kent Test online rather than having to travel to their child’s primary school, and this will be in operation again. From 5pm on Thursday, results day, parents will be able to view their child’s scores on KCC’s website.

“We anticipate the 4,650 Kent children who have been assessed as being suitable for grammar school will, in most cases, enjoy priority for the 5,060 places available in the county over pupils from other authorities. Although many of the 2,757 pupils from outside Kent will name our schools among their choices, experience has shown the majority of these children ultimately secure places in their own county.”