Cargo ship runs aground next to Antony Gormley statue in Margate

Photo Lyn Hurley Edwards

A 75-metre cargo ship full of broken glass has run aground by  Turner Contemporary – and a whisker away from the Antony Gormley sculpture at Fulsam Rock.

The Islay Trader ran aground at 3am today (October 8). Resident Lyn Hurley Edwards took these brilliant photos of the incident on her way to work this morning!

Photo Lyn Hurley Edwards

A spokesman for HM Coastguard said: “Shortly after 3am on Sunday morning the UK Coastguard was alerted that the cargo vessel Islay Trader had dragged anchor and run aground near Margate harbour, between 30 and 50 metres from shore.

Photo Lyn Hurley Edwards

“There is no risk to life and the crew remain on board in preparation for an attempt to refloat and tow the vessel to safety around midday on Sunday with the next high water, which is 2.30pm.

The ship’s agent has arranged for a tug from Medway, which is due to arrive late this morning.

Photo Ben Cooper

“The Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s counter pollution and salvage officer is working with the vessel’s shipping agents during the recovery operation and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, have been informed.

The Secretary of State’s representative for salvage and intervention has been informed and is monitoring the situation.”

Photo Ben Cooper

The six man crew remain onboard. There is no fuel tank damage or pollution risk.

Photo Ben Cooper

The Gormley statue is currently being assessed for damage. It is thought it will be moved while the ship is refloated.

Photo Ian Holmes

The vessel, which appears to still have both anchors (pictured above), was on passage with her cargo of glass for recycling from Purfleet to Antwerp.


  1. That statue when submerged under the water is an absolute danger to boats,jet skies and speedboats. How on earth was this sculpture given permission to be placed there god only knows!

    • As that area is littered with remnants of the pier and marked by bouys, I would hope boats and jet skis would avoid it, not to mention how close it is to the harbour arm.

      Also, stop being miserable.

  2. I walk along there often. I have never seen a statue. What sort of nutcase would want a statue covered by the tide anyway? I suppose it is called art.

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