Chilton primary’s newest pupils settle into full-time classes

Full time school at Chilton

The new Reception class pupils at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate are exploring a world of wonder through gentle learning and creativity.

In the first weeks of term the four and five year olds had home visits from teachers and also attended part-time to get to know the Reception staff before their first full school day.

Hannah Cheshire, assistant head of school and head of early years, said: “Now they have made a big transition to being at Chilton full time and they are settling in very well.”

The 60 children are also ‘learning how to learn’ and adjusting to their surroundings and routines, including the school rules.

Miss Cheshire added: “Whether it is in the focused learning sessions, stories, playtime or lunchtime they are adapting and doing well. We are getting to know their personalities and it is lovely seeing them meet new friends as they start their exciting learning journey.

“They are exploring short phonic and maths learning as well as activities to develop motor skills, together with play activities and storytime. Next term they will enjoy a broader curriculum.”

Head of school Kate Law said: “Beginning school at four years old is a big step for children and their parents and we strive to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

“This is a vital transitional period in their young lives. It can also be an anxious time for parents sending very little children from their home into a new environment. Feedback from parents has been excellent and the children are confidently integrating and finding their feet very quickly.”