A little boy from Margate needs your support to help show all children are beautiful

Krystle Evans and Kayden

A mum-of-three has entered her 10-month old son into a ‘cutest baby’ contest to show all youngsters are beautiful even if they have medical needs.

Krystle Evans, 32, has put son Kayden forward for the national Bidiboo competition and says having a tracheostomy tube should not stop people from seeing him as just as beautiful as any other little one.

The mum, from Margate, said: “I entered the competition because I think all children are beautiful, disabled or not disabled, and you don’t really see children like Kayden in these competitions.

“He has been through so much, he is truly amazing anyway. Win or no win he is 100-percent a little fighter.”

Kayden was born at 27 weeks, weighing in at just 2lb 7oz. At three-months old he developed problems when his airways started to close.

Krystle said: “He couldn’t breathe so they did an emergency tracheostomy. His windpipe hadn’t formed properly. The tube will stay there until he is bigger and stronger, that might be months or years.”

Krystle was prompted to enter Kayden into the competition after her friend told her she had put her daughter forward.

Krystle said: “My friend had done it and I thought ‘Kayden is beautiful too, just because he has the tube why couldn’t we do it, so I did. He has already had votes and lots of support. It’s amazing.

“He has got a beautiful smile and is just like any other little 10-month old boy, cheeky and naughty!”

Prizes range from £40 to the top prize which stands at £775 but rises with votes.

The competition deadline is October 9 at 9pm.

To give your support and vote for Kayden click here