Ramsgate residents’ make ‘one a day’ litter pledge

Ramsgate ROAD group has launched Photo Stephanie Lafourcade

Ramsgate residents are joining a ‘one a day’ project to clear the town of litter.

The Ramsgate Road group launched on facebook this week with the aim of getting members to pick up one bit of litter a day -or seven bits a week- in a bid to restore pride to the streets.

The group, which gained more than 200 members in two days, has been set up by Ramsgate Town Team’s Tricia Hartley.

She said: “We know we pay council tax and there are street cleaners but there are not enough of them and we are not prepared to wade through litter when we could do something about it.

“Residents who join are picking up one bit of litter every day and are notifying Thanet council if they see bulky waste or anything that could be dangerous.

“As a group we also want to apply pressure to Thanet council about issues such as getting bins emptied. There is quite a lot of concern about the removal of seasonal bins as well and questions raised about recycling bins.”

Members of the group include town councillors such as mayor Trevor Shonk. A talk is also being given to the Ramsgate Society to involve people who may not use social media.

Tricia said: “The group has a good mix of ages and people from all walks of life. “ Photos posted of the litter picked up will be put together in a collage to ‘make something ugly into something beautiful.’

The group is planning to put together an event to coincide with next month’s Love Kent Hate Litter campaign.

Find the Ramsgate ROAD group here


  1. Litter bins should stay in place all year round. People get used to dropping litter in the bins, once you take them away litter just gets dropped on the ground and that is part of the reason Thanet is so dirty.
    It shouldn’t be needed to be said but we need more litter bins not less.

  2. Totally agree with Kent resident,need more permanent bins and might be good idea if some of the dog bins were changed into the large square bins. All of them need emptying on a regular basis though!

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