The Wheels and Fins Festival is in full swing

Wheels and Fins Festival Photo Adam Dark

The Wheels and Fins festival at Joss Bay is into its second day – with lots of events, bands and attractions to come.

The event, named as one of the seven top surf fests in Europe by RAD Season magazine, is being streamed live via Extreme to millions of action sports fans across the world.

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The sports action channel has more than 100 million monthly viewers who can watch the action as it takes place. Some 3 million are expected to tune in.

Wheels and Fins visitors also have the chance to get in front of the cameras and there will be a whole load of free giveaways.

Festival organiser Dave Melmoth Photo by Adam Dark

Footage will be produced by Bou Mou Productions.

As well as races, demos and championship contests there is a massive music line up with top acts including:

Reef , who headline on Sunday, Twin Atlantic – (pictured) who played last night – Danny Howard, Mike Vallely & the New Arms -headlining tonight -, The Picture Books, Icarus, Josh Parkinson, Jon Kennedy, Kylie Griffiths, Skinny Girl Diet, Steak, Danny Allen, Killing Giants, Meister and Trail & Error.