Pensioner taken to hospital after going over sea wall at Ramsgate on mobility scooter

Military Road Image Google maps

A man in his 70s has been taken to hospital after going over the edge of the sea wall at Ramsgate harbour on his mobility scooter.

Police and ambulance attended Military Road after being alerted to the accident at 1.27pm today (September 9).

The man, who is thought to have been watching the vessels in the harbour before accidentally moving too far forward, landed on the pontoon below.  He was taken to hospital as a precaution.


  1. He’s lucky! The only slipway in Military Road is where the photo shows it. Outside of the fence it’s a hell of a drop!

  2. We were near the scene at the time. Just a slight correction – the gentleman concerned landed on the pontoon below not on the slipway. There is a small gap between the pontoon and the Harbour wall. Fortunately he did not fall into that gap! As it is the pontoon was quite a way below the harbour side so the fall was significant. I understand he was anxious to return home and was treated in the ambulance – not sure he went to A&E or not.

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