Matthew Munson: Nerds rule the planet

Be liberated, be a nerd

I was accused of being a nerd the other day. I was surprised, as I thought everyone knew that already.

You see, there’s so much to be nerd-like about; sci-fi, fantasy, games – the niches are endless. I’m personally more of a sci-fi kind of guy, although you will catch me occasionally dipping a toe in the waters of Tolkien-style fantasy. Some I know adore comic books and super heroes, which doesn’t do a lot for me, but each to their own.

There are so many opportunities to share in your passions as well; I went to the London World Convention for Sci-Fi a few years ago, and there were thousands of people there. It was an overwhelming experience, to be amongst so many other people that were like me and could talk about things that I got excited about.

Conventions take place all over the country, and some are hyperlocal – there’s one in Herne Bay every June – and others are massive, taking place in huge convention centres that still struggle to contain everyone.


The other lovely thing about being a nerd is, as Simon Pegg once said, you “never have to play it cool about how much you like something.” It’s liberating to be so comfortable in your own skin. Just this week, I had an excited, passionate discussion about Dr Who and Harry Potter in the same conversation, and it entirely made sense to us. The language can be electric, dynamic, and inspiring, stirring emotions in your heart that you might not not presume to see in an episode of Dr Who.

Oh, and don’t forget that nerds rule the planet; from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, nerds have manoeuvred themselves into powerful positions. After all, where would we be without Facebook and Microsoft? Well, some might argue we’d be talking to each other face-to-face far more, but I’m not entirely convinced; social media allows us to communicate more quickly and more broadly, and they were all created by nerds.

Fancy dress

Another thought hits; fancy dress is never a hard decision to make. At one particularly eventful New Year’s Eve party, I played the part of Mr Spock, down to the eyebrows, wig, and dispassionate expression. The dispassionate expression slipped with each passing drink, and I woke up the following day with only one eyebrow, but the wig stayed on, so that’s something. There’s always a lot to choose from when you’re dressing up.

Are you a nerd?

Of course, there’s one more thing you should know; you might well be a nerd and just not realise it yet. I’m going to help you release your inner nerd right here and now; do you watch Game of Thrones and enjoy it? Then you’re a nerd. Do you get passionate about … something? Do you get excited about a particular thing in life? Then you’re  a nerd. Welcome to my job; accept it and join the party. There’s a lot to enjoy and savour, and I hope I’ve shown that being a nerd can actually be fun.