Police close road at the West Cliff following car and motorbike crash

Kent Police

Police have closed a road at Ramsgate’s West Cliff following a crash this afternoon (August 25).

Kent Police was called at 12.51pm following a collision involving a car and a motorcycle in Stancombe Avenue.

The 19-year-old male motorcyclist has been taken to a London hospital with a serious foot injury.

A road closure remains in place while officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit carry out their initial enquiries.


  1. Ramsgate roads closed due to motorcycle crash.
    Sandwich roads closed due to motorcycle crash.
    Bikers beware, there are other road users that are sometimes unaware of your speed.
    Every morning when I travel to work, bikers zoom passed me
    me at ridiculous tempo…. nothing to do with lawful speed limits
    are in place.
    You take your lives into your own hands when breaking these limits!

  2. Not only their own lives but altering other peoples lives too when they crash. Dangerous riding is on the increase here in Thanet which needs something doing about. Just last Saturday a pair of bikers riding dangerously fast knocked down and instantly killed an elderly man crossing the street in Northdown Road. I have reported speeding dangerous riders in Northdown road personally but nothing is done and the same riders continue in their dangerous routines. We used to say “it will take somebody to be killed before anything is done about it” now nothing is done even when somebody is killed. It is made all the more difficult when cut-backs have reduced the amount of police patrols on our streets.

    I made a quick search on this papers news reports and find a very high amount of motorcycle accidents in Thanet over the past year, some fatal. I wonder how this correlates with previous years when more police were patrolling the streets.

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