Cut-price car park in Ramsgate shut down by Thanet council

The new car park was 40ph less than the nearest council one Photo Adam Dark

A car park in Ramsgate that undercut the nearby council parking site has been shut down.

The site at the rear of the old police station and courthouse in Effingham Street  was offering all day parking for £3.50.

The station, which has been empty for more than a decade, was sold at auction last year for £1,975,000.

The grounds were being operated by Euro Parking Services, with spaces at 70p an hour or £3.50 for 12 hours.

The nearest council car park in Cavendish Street is £1.10ph with a maximum stay of four hours at £4.40.

But Thanet council said the site did not have planning permission and so its closure was ordered.

Photo Adam Dark

A Thanet council spokesman said: “Following investigation by our Enforcement team we contacted the operators who immediately informed the property owner that the car park should be closed due to lack of planning permission.

“The car park has been closed since 16 August pending any application (if made) for planning permission.”

The car park opened amid rising prices for motorists at council owned sites.

Photo Paul Messenger

Dreamland also opened the Arlington car park with a daily charge of £7, a fiver less than the council operated one at  the rear of the park.

In Joss Bay an enterprising farmer is also letting motorists park on his land for £5 a day.

petition against a hike in charges at five seasonal car parks was thrown out last month when Thanet council decided to implement its own resident’s scheme instead.