The former Penns’ wet fish shop and chippy in Ramsgate is now on the property market

Penns' is on the market

The former Penns wet fish shop and neighbouring chippy in Ramsgate is on the property market.

The shop, at 7 Southwood Road, is being offered with a lease of £14995 and £300 per week.

A Polish restaurant was due to be opened at the site but the leaseholder pulled out for personal reasons. Before that there was a café in the property but it is best known as Penns, which closed around a decade ago, and before that Janes’ fish shop.

In the 1970s you could get a large bag of Penns chips for 3p!  And an extract in a Ramsgate History article talks of the “ wonderful display of turkeys, geese, ducks and tame rabbits hanging outside the (Janes’ fish and poultry) shop before Christmas.”

The property is split in two parts, one half was the chip shop and the other was the wet fish shop which has a storage room and kitchen area. There is also a valid alcohol licence.

The inside of the property now requires refurbishment work and so agents Lets 11 is open to negotiations.

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