The world’s biggest bouncy castle has arrived at Dreamland

The world's biggest bouncy castle Photo Frank Leppard

Boing! It’s here and people are springing about on the world’s biggest bouncy castle at Dreamland.

House of Bestival and Something Creatives teamed up to create the castle, which measures an epic 21 metres square and stands at nearly 13 metres tall at its highest point.

The inflatable’s side turrets are equal in height to the walls of Cardiff Castle, making it taller than the Great Wall of China and roughly three times the size or the Berlin Wall.

Filled with 1143 cubic metres of air, the bouncy castle can comfortably accommodate 100 people at one time!

The castle is here until August 26.

Photo Frank Leppard

To have a 10 minute go it costs:

£3.50 standard entry
£3.00 for Dreamland Members

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Photo Frank Leppard

Book in advance online to secure your slot here