Burgers through the letterbox and urinating outside – why residents don’t want 24-hour opening at Minster McDonalds restaurant

Councillors approved the application

An application by Minster McDonalds to have 24-hour opening at its restaurant has caused an angry backlash from villagers.

The Tothill Street fast-food site already has a 24-hour drive through but currently the restaurant is closed between 11pm and 5am.

Bosses at the business want 24/7 opening of the whole site.


But a flood of objections has been sent to Thanet council raising concerns over antisocial behaviour, littering, vandalism, noise and even more traffic at the top of the village.

Residents say they already experience excessive noise, abuse, ‘boy racers’, litter and extra traffic due to the drive through.

Numerous complaints have been made to the police and the parish council about noise, vandalism and youngsters gathering during the early hours.

Burgers through the letterbox

One Tothill Street resident revealed they had suffered abuse, people urinating in their drive and shoving burgers through their letterbox, smashed wing mirrors, rubbish in the garden and food and drink thrown on their vehicles and property.

Another said youths urinating and shouting outside their property often woke up their young children. They added: “When I have shouted out the window for them to leave they have exposed themselves and threatened to come back and get me.

Young son ‘afraid’

“This antisocial behaviour is upsetting for us as a family and has a detrimental effect on my children. My young son will no longer sleep with his bedroom window open, despite the hot weather, as he is afraid they will climb into the house.”

Many residents said during the refurbishment of the site, where it was closed for work to be carried out, there was a vast drop in antisocial incidents and noise.

Minster Parish Council has also objected, saying it has already had to meet with police due to the volume of antisocial behaviour from those using the drive through.

Police objection

Kent Police is not supporting the application.

Chief Insp Sharon Adley said: “The police have concerns about this application as there is already evidence that the premises have an antisocial behaviour issue.

“Supporting the premises to be open inside the restaurant will add more concerns. This will only fuel further issues by allowing the problems that have been situated outside to transcend inside.

“The free wi-fi and no security cause serious concerns.

“Police have had meetings with the premises in trying to reduce the current concerns but no further feedback has been received.”

Kent Police suggest Minster McDonald’s installs CCTV, vehicle registrations are recorded on those served at the drive through between 11pm and 5am, the wi-fi is turned off at 11pm, security is brought in between 11pm and 5am and customers to be asked to leave after 30 minutes to discourage people congregating.

Members of Thanet council’s licensing committee will discuss the application tomorrow (August 8).