Bins with sensors to alert crews when they are full are being installed along Thanet’s coastline

Keep our beaches clean

New bins which will have sensors alerting crews when they are full are being added to Thanet’s coastline in preparation for record numbers of Summer visitors.

More than 70 bins are being added to the existing 215 bins which line Thanet’s 19 mile coast.

Thirty of these bins are new.

In response to community feedback, 13 are extra large, increasing capacity from the standard 60 litres to 240 litres at these prime locations:

  • 4 x Obelisk in Ramsgate,
  •  3 x Balmoral Gardens, Broadstairs
  •  2 x Clock tower Margate,
  •  1 x King George VI Park
  •  1 X Marine Gardens
  • 1 X Jackie Bakers
  • 1 X Ellington Park

In the coming months, new SMART sensors will be fitted to the bins with features to alert the council’s street cleansing crews when they need emptying.

The council has invested £5,000 into the project.

The council has also installed additional dog bins which hold a greater capacity at hot-spot locations across the district.

Based on feedback from beach businesses,TDC is also placing new signs to encourage beach users to put their rubbish in nearby council bins instead of using the ones inside beach shops. These signs will be rolled out across the district, starting at Joss Bay.

Cllr Suzanne Brimm, Cabinet Member for Operational Services at Thanet District Council, said: “Thanet’s beaches are one of our greatest assets and we are always working hard to ensure they are kept clean and welcoming for both the residents and the thousands of tourists who choose to visit each year.

“More bins and increasing capacities are just one of a range of council initiatives to encourage beach users to be responsible with their litter. By working closely with the community and responding to their feedback, we hope to make a considerable difference to the ongoing cleanliness of our beaches.”

There are also 15 #2minutebeachclean stations at the isle’s beaches; ‘Love Your Beach’ noticeboards at entries to the beach and water quality initiatives, such as seasonal seagull shelters and bird-scarers, in a bid to keep Thanet clean.

Beach facts:

In one Friday in July, the council’s foreshores team cleared 60 tons of seaweed from Palm Bay and 60 tons from Walpole Bay – that’s roughly the same weight as an adult Blue Whale!

Over the summer period, with one beach tractor, Thanet council clears litter and seaside debris from 4,000 acres of coastline.

Along our coastline, there are 215 bins of mixed size and type. That are around eight bins per mile, or approximately one bin every 200 metres.

In 2017, Thanet has 6 Blue Flag and 4 seaside awards for its beaches.

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