Thanet drivers and passenger assistants facing uncertain future after taxi firm fails to pay wages

Staff have been unable to get hold of anyone from Turner Cars

Scores of Thanet drivers and passenger assistants are facing an uncertain future with news that the  taxi company they work for has apparently suddenly shut.

Staff working for Turner Cars, which was based in Westgate before moving to Dover, say they are owed wages but can get no response from the company.

Phone calls have been unanswered and the website is down.

Director Scott Dumigan has been unavailable for contact.

The company is registered with Companies House as Children Family and Youth Services at an address in Canterbury Road East, Ramsgate. It is listed as active. Accounts are overdue by just over a month.

Current directors are listed as 37-year-old Mr Dumigan and Brendan Dumigan, aged 19.

‘No notification’

Frustrated staff say they were not warned of problems and have not been notified by Turner Cars of what the current situation is.

Margate mum-of-two Karen Dillon says she has not been paid £200 owed for hours as a passenger assistant for 7 children who travel from Ramsgate to St Antony’s special school.

She said: “I only knew something was wrong when I checked my bank account and I had not been paid.

“I sent my hours in but I never heard back and they are usually really good with replying straight away. I tried phoning but there was no answer.

“I spoke to my taxi driver who said he is owed nearly £700 and have heard some people are owed up to £2,000.

“I phoned Children Family and Youth Services and the lady said she had not been paid either. She passed me to the Transport team at Kent County Council who said there had been an ongoing issue.

“There are hundreds of children who now needing transport sorting out and I was told the company has more than 100 staff.

“I am worried about my children that I accompanied and how they will get their transport.”

Companies House

Leased vehicles have been parked up in Ramsgate and Westgate and it is believed the leasing company will be taking them back.

The last company accounts shown as filed for year ending September 2015 reveal Children Family and Youth Services had liabilities of £32,609 but assets of £322, 658.

However creditors, in the form of bank loans and overdrafts falling due after more than one year, totalled £320,855 leaving total net assets of £1,803, up on the previous year which showed a deficit of £8,252.

Accounts for one other company Scott Dumigan is named as director for, Hotspot Youth, are also overdue.

Accounts are not yet due for two other companies, Axe Capital Services Ltd (formerly Moving Forward Children’s Services Ltd) and Instabooth (Kent) Ltd, for which both Scott and Brendan Dumigan are listed as directors.

Work offer

United Cars in Ramsgate has posted to social media to say the firm may be able to help those who have found themselves suddenly out of work.

The post says: “If you know of any licensed drivers or passenger assistants now out of work, we may be able to help over at United Cars by offering a company vehicle to those drivers now out of work and a school run starting September for those passenger assistants now without a school run.

“If Interested please give us a call on 01843 853844 between 9am-6pm Monday-Friday. For any enquiries out of office hours, message our Facebook page ‘United Cars Taxis Thanet’ where we will respond ASAP.”

Change of ownership

The Isle of Thanet News attempted to contact Turner Cars but the phone number does not appear to be working. Brendan Dumigan has been contacted via social media.

A call to Children Family and Youth Services at the Dover base revealed that taxi service has now been taken over by another taxi service based in that town.

An employee at that office said: “We are getting 30-40 calls a day for Children Family and Youth Services – Turner Cars -but are not anything to do with them. We received a text on July 24 to say our office was closing but luckily were only out of work for a few days before we were taken over. We also got a text to say Thanet was closing.

“We are getting lots of debt collector letters and phone calls but we are totally nothing to do with them now.”

Contacting parents

A Kent County Council spokesman said: “Kent County Council is aware of the concerns raised regarding the status of Turner Cars.

“During the school holidays, the company has minimal operational obligations to the council and the children we transport but we know that the services that they are required to provide were operating normally last week.

“We had been in contact with the proprietor in the previous few days regarding an unrelated matter although he did not give any indication that the business was ceasing to trade.  However, given the presenting circumstances, we are working hard to ensure that replacement services  are available from the start of the new school year and that disruption for children, parents and schools is minimised.

“We will be contacting parents once we are able to provide them with the details of the new arrangements for their children’s transport.’



  1. Can I just say as a Dover driver of ex turner cars the Dover company also have lost wages not just the ramsgate company. We have all been it in the pocket.

  2. He can’t be allowed to get away with this if I was in his shoes Id be very worried he can’t hide for ever and we be waiting

  3. It’s no secret. It was confirmed by KCC he has gone bust, the website shows as permanently closed. I’m owed £800 by him and the driver of our bus the same. Rumour is that he took our money and f***ed off to Spain. He’s an arse and a blooming coward! I text him on Tuesday asking why we hadn’t been paid and he gave me crap about switching banks and there is a delay. After that all the phone lines have been disengaged!
    Scumbag! He knew and he lied, he has been messing with our money all year, instead of facing his problems like a decent human he has taken our money and ran with it!

    • On the 31st July 2017 the Department fo Transport issued a document to issuers and operators operating under a section 19/22 permits, i understand Turner Cars was operating his vehicles under a section 19 permit, it was not good news and that’s probably why he’s ran.
      Email for more info

  4. I worked for Scott for 3 days in october 2016 before handing him a weeks notice that I would NOT be continuing working with him after hearing from others that he was bad for paying and fair enough scott owed me £370 for the work i did and he messed me about saying he had paid it in to my account when he hadnt he then stopped answering my calls and reply to my text as a last resort I gave him notice that I was taking him to the small claims court 20 minutes later the money went in my account scott is a dirty rotten scoundrel who trys to play the big I am he should be totaly ashamed of himself I hope everyone he owes money gets justice

  5. I worked for that man, and I’m also owed 2 months wages from him. Myself along with many others were drivers and passenger assistants for a school in Folkestone. That man has spread his poison across kent. I hope his worthless name gets spread that far that no one will touch him. Thank you scott for ruining my summer holiday

  6. I worked for this guy for a time because I needed an income when I was starting my own business and he was happy to help me which at the time was appreceiated.

    He dresses the whole thing up nicely with the brand new delivery mileage car and a fuel card e.t.c. The cost of all of these things is deducted at source from your wages. When you total up the number of hours you worked against what you actually bring in the net result really is not work it. In my case I was being paid about 2 grand a month and only seeing about £500 of that by the time you take out the rent and other expenses, You end up doing it for the love of the kids more than anything else and its them I feel sorry for in all this as well as all the staff.

    In my case I was underpaid one month rather than not paid at all and all attempts at trying to rectify the situation by me were ignored. When it comes to money I dont mess about so I duly left.

    I have heard various rumours as to what has gone on and all of them have the same conclusion CROOK. This guy has done the dirty big time on a lot of people that were very loyal to him and it is very very wrong. I hope that somewhere somehow he can be bought to account for all of this and you and your familys manage to put food on the table.

    I am also led to understand that because of the total reliance he manouvered you all in to on his cars you are all stuffed because they have been repossessed.

    From what I hear the overall knock on effect is enormous.

    While I can say im glad I got out when I did that does not help you guys and I hope you manage to get some recompence for this big con job that has taken place.

    Take care.

    • If anyone you know has got Katie mobile number please can you text her for me as she is the only one that has access to the office to get mine and everyone else dbs. Without that I can’t renew, and by the time I can get one sorted all the positions will be taken. Also what is Katie surname?

      • Not sure of her number. But I know she is just as surprised and shocked as everyone.

        I don’t believe her surname should be put on this news feed as that wouldn’t be fair or appropriate.

        It was shannon that always dealt with my dbs.

          • I feel you pain mandi but we are all in a similar position.

            I’m sure things will get sorted over time and you can run another dbs they are loads online.

      • Hi Mandi. Do you have your certificate or update service ID number. If you have these then you will be able to sort your dbs. When is it due to run out. I am the Operations Manager for Airport Connections and maybe able to help you in sorting your dbs. I may also be able to help with employment come september if not there will be other companies looking for Passenger Assistants once the school runs are reallocated. Good luck. Carl

        • Can you help other escorts whos badges are about to expire Carl? I know a couple that have been effected by this and would be good to give them an option ?

          • Hopefully yes. If they would like to contact me i can see what i can do.
            I may also be looking for Private Hire drivers and PSV drivers full or part time. Thanks. Carl

    • The amount of rumours ive heard about his where abouts hes moved round the glboe faster than Phylious Fogg!

  7. Good morning everyone. Does anyone know the name of the business scott used for the online DBS checks. The people have said knowing this could help my situation . I know I’m most probably flogging a dead horse but I’ve got to try everything.

  8. Can I ask who ever the turner cars wages group admin pls add me as I have information that may be of interest

    Sam smith-white

    If I can’t be added I can’t share


  9. Shame this is said behind an unknown person and not a name.

    How can anyone even prove if this was true or not.

    I’d suggest these drivers come forward then like we all have that have not been paid

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