Have your say on a plan for the future of Broadstairs

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A plan to give Broadstairs more power over development, business, housing and the natural environment within its boundaries has gone out for public consultation.

Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council is asking for views on the third phase of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, which will help shape development in the area from 2018- 2031.

The plan will be reviewed  every five years.

The grass-roots authority has completed an options report laying out the important areas it hopes to focus on in the neighbourhood plan.

The aims covered are:

Protect important views and vistas, so they can continue to be enjoyed by the community for future generations.

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This includes the protection of views from parks and other public spaces that take in historic buildings or landmarks to seascapes and rural outlooks

Protect the character of the seven beaches and bays and their environs. 

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There are seven beaches and bays in the Broadstairs Area, three of which were awarded blue-flag status in 2017, Joss Bay, Stone Bay and Botany Bay, in addition to Viking Bay receiving a Seaside Award. These beaches also form part of the wider Thanet coastal network, which is identified as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) under the Marine and Coastal Access Act (2009), and are within the Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay Special Protection Area (SPA).

The overriding challenge for the management of the beaches and bays is to balance the attractiveness and economic benefits of the unique environment of the coastal areas for visitors, leisure and the economy, against maintaining the international environmental importance of these sites.

Ensure the protection of unique and important spaces.

Earlier public consultation has identified spaces that are important to the residents of Broadstairs and St. Peter’s, including Mockett’s Wood, Pierremont Park and Hall, the Memorial Recreation Ground and Culmer’s Allotments

Support the strict enforcement of the Thanet District Council’s ‘Green Wedge’ policy, so the area retains its distinct character from other local towns.

The Thanet ‘Green Wedge’ approach was first introduced by Thanet District Council to conserve the identities of the Thanet towns, and to provide a strategic Green Infrastructure (GI) network for the wider area, by protecting three large areas of open countryside.

Some areas of the ‘Green Wedges’ are vulnerable to development pressure, particularly those adjoining the existing built form of the urban areas.

Encourage businesses in our shopping areas and support other appropriate employment opportunities.

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There are three main shopping areas within the Neighbourhood Area boundary: the Westwood retail parks, which provides a traditional ‘high-street’ experience, the Broadstairs shopping area, which provides a town-centre shopping experience, and the St. Peter’s shopping area, which is a village service centre. Both of the latter shopping areas have had to compete with the Westwood retail parks in recent years.

The town has a large number of independent shops, services and a thriving night-time economy which is centred on Albion Street. The St. Peter’s shopping area consists of a small High Street, Church Street and Albion Road. This area includes a CoOp store, a small number of independent shops, services and food takeaways which are interspersed with residential property.

Encourage good design of new developments, while protecting the area’s special and unique character.

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The need to encourage good design of new development including bold new architecture and the protection of the unique and special character of the seaside town.

Develop good transport and traffic management practices for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Explore all opportunities to reduce congestion, improve identified parking issues and provide more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

Encourage projects to tackle litter and anti-social behaviour.

Improve the facilities on streets and the seafront.

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Providing opportunities for cultural, leisure, community, sport and other activities should be available to residents of all ages.


Danielle Dunn, Town Clerk from Broadstairs & St. Peter’s Town Council said: “The Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee has worked really hard to get the plan to this Issues and Options Consultation stage. It is really important that the community gets behind it, comments on the report or visits a consultation event to find out more. This is your chance to shape the future, get involved and have your say.”

Next Steps

Following public consultation on the Issues and Options document, all responses will be collated and the contents will be considered and used to inform the final draft NDP. It is expected that the draft NDP will be ready for public consultation in early 2018.

Once the six-week consultation on the draft plan has been completed, the plan will be submitted to Thanet District Council, who will consult on the submission plan. The plan will then be reviewed by an independent Examiner, who will decide if there are any changes needed to the plan before it can go to a local referendum.

If there is a ‘yes’ vote at the Referendum, the NDP will be made and used by Thanet District Council to determine planning applications that fall within the Neighbourhood Area Boundary.

Have your say

Download, read and comment on the document here

Hard copy documents and comment forms are available from the Town Clerk’s Office, Pierremont Hall, Broadstairs.

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 9:30-12:30pm

There will also be hard-copy documents to view at Broadstairs Library, The Broadway, Broadstairs, CT10 2BS

Consultation events

Monday 31st July: 5pm-6:45pm- Council Chamber, Pierremont Hall, CT10 1JX
Thursday 10th August: 10:30am-4:30pm- Out and about around Broadstairs, spot us around the town and come and say hello.
Wednesday 23rd August: 10am-6pm- Broadstairs Water Gala
Thursday 7th September: 10am-noon- Council Chamber, Pierremont Hall, CT10 1JX
Monday 11th September: 7pm-9pm- St. Peter’s Church Hall, Hopeville Avenue, CT10 2TR