Elderly woman and dog given oxygen following Ramsgate flat fire


An elderly woman and her dog both needed oxygen following a fire at a Ramsgate flat last night (July 27).

Crews were called to Packers Lane just before 10pm after neighbours alerted them of the alarms going off.  Two fire engines were sent and firefighters carried out a thermal image scan of the property, before forcing entry into the flat. An elderly woman was led to safety.

It is believed something had been inadvertently left on the cooker hob, causing it to smoulder. Firefighters gave oxygen therapy to the woman, who was then passed into the care of the ambulance service. A pet oxygen mask was also used on her dog, as they had both inhaled fire smoke.

Crews were also called at 10.20pm to Ellington Road, Ramsgate after a neighbour reported a burning smell.

Crews carried out a thermal scan and identified a neighbouring smoke-logged property. They gave oxygen therapy to the occupier and also removed a pan of hot oil to the rear garden and cleared the smoke.

The man was taken to hospital by ambulance for precautionary checks.