This is why blue lines have been appearing all around Ramsgate

The Meridian Line Photo Brian Whitehead

Blue lines have been appearing all over Ramsgate – and this is why.

For this year’s Ramsgate Festival creative agency Mooch, led by artist Theresa Smith, is celebrating the fact that Ramsgate has its own Meridian Line which is 5 minutes and 41 seconds ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Theresa Smith Photo Brian Whitehead

For the Ramsgate Meridian 5.41 project a temporary line is being marked out on the pavements from the town boundary  to the Maritime Museum where the line is carved into the floor. Residents who live on the line have been invited to gather for a talk about the history of the Meridian that unites them.

The Ramsgate Meridian Line was laid in 1819 and the clock tower inscriptions went up in 1822.  In 1848 Ramsgate abandoned RMT in favour of GMT.

Photo Mooch

The tale of the line will be revealed in an event led by historian Terry Prue, who has organised the Ramsgate Reflections programme of talks for this year’s festival.

Terry will be joined by actor Clive Holland of Mischievous Theatre, who will bring the story to life.

Photo Mooch

The talk will be held at the Small Boat Owners Club, 20 Guildford Lawn, on Saturday (July 29)

Doors open at 6pm with the talk at 6.30pm. Drinks and nibbles until 8pm

Photo Mooch

You can buy a ticket for £5.41 here. The first 10 guests on the night will receive a free 5.41 gift so don’t be late as spaces are limited at the venue.

There will be a donations box and raffle to help fundraise for the project.