VIDEO: Inside the Maize Maze at Quex Park – and what else is on offer

The maize maze Photo Frank Leppard

Have you tackled Quex Park’s Maize Maze yet?

Last year the park introduced the field of fun to the already established Maize Maze, and this year the team have made even more improvements.

The African Expedition is a cereal tease that takes visitors on a journey around the continent. Complete the Passport interactive quiz to see how much you really know about Africa.

Photo Frank Leppard

The Giant Tractor Maze challenges visitors to find their way out but also track down a lost tractor, as well as featuring the brand-new Maize-opoly interactive quiz.

Photo Frank Leppard

In addition to the two huge interactive mazes, this year there are a range of other activities, including barnyard games, a woodland adventure trail, coin operated mini tractors with dedicated track, tractor rides and the only Jumping Pillow in Thanet.

Photo Frank Leppard

Meet one of the Quex farmers on selected ‘touch a tractor’ days, where you will be able to learn about the farming world and the different machinery used.

Photo Frank Leppard

Opening Hours

Photo Frank Leppard

Open 7 days per week from July 22– mid September
10am – 5pm (weather dependant)

Entry Fee
Adult                                                      £5.00
Child                                                      £5.00
Group ticket (4 people)                         £16.50
Group Season ticket                             £32.00
Tractor rides                                          £2.50
Aqua Attack                                           £2.50
Mini electric tractors                               £1.00

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