Margate couple’s 10k challenge to support charity helping them stay close to toddler daughter Amelia

Little Amelia still needs hospital treatment

A Margate couple are calling for people to support them as they head out on a 10k run to raise cash for Ronald McDonald House Evelina.

Robert Lansdown and Niomi Foster will head out from McDonalds at Westwood at noon today (July 22) running to Ramsgate and back.

Robert, 29, will be carrying a collection bucket and hopes those he passes by will donate.

There is also a justgiving page with a target of £1,000.

The couple are hoping to give back to the Ronald McDonald charity, which provides accommodation for families whose children are in hospital so they can stay close by. The charity has helped the couple while their little girl Amelia, now 21 months, undergoes hospital treatment.


Former road worker Robert said: “My little girl was born with her bowels outside of her body so we had to spend a lot of time in London while she was in hospital.

“Thanks to the Ronald McDonald house charity we were able to stay close to our girl who was born 7 weeks early and had other problems as well.

“ We spent about 4 months at hospital with Amelia and have more trips to come but with the help from donations we can stay close to her.”

On her justgiving page Niomi, 25, says: “We have stayed in the Ronald McDonald house many times for long periods due to our baby having a rare birth defect called gastrochisis. This defect is where organs grow on the outside of the body, requiring an operation at birth.

“Our daughter has a few complicated conditions and is still undergoing tests so we are very lucky to have the Ronald McDonald house to give us a place to stay because we live 2 hours away from the hospital.

“This charity has enabled us to stay with our baby every day

“Please donate what you can as this is a truly amazing charity keeping families together at hard times.”

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