Chilton primary says goodbye to pupils and staff at Ramsgate Arts school

Ramsgate Arts pupils say goodbye

Pupils and staff at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate have said farewell to children and teachers from Ramsgate Arts Primary School that has shared its site since it was launched two years ago.

In September RAPS starts a new life at a purpose-built school in Newington Road, Ramsgate.

Chilton pupils created a Good Luck card which they and Head of School Kate Law handed over to Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils and their Head of School Nick Budge.

The message said: “Best wishes and good luck – we hope you settle in quickly in your new building.”

Mrs Law said: “We are sure that they will enjoy being in their own school and we are sure they will have a successful future.”

Mr Budge said: “It is a lovely gesture and we will display the card in the reception area in time for the start of the new school year in September.”

“Although personally I will be sad to leave the Chilton community as I have spent several years working with the children, parents and staff, I cannot hide my excitement about the prospect of finally having our own building and the wealth of opportunities that that brings.

Ramsgate Free School in progress

“We are incredibly appreciative of how accommodating Chilton have been to us and are extremely grateful how they have shared their space with us. I know that staff in both schools have had to be extremely flexible to ensure that the education of the children has not been compromised in any way.

“Even though this has been a slightly nomadic period, we have still offered a first class education. The thought of extra space and the teachers having the flexibility to move around the school without having to negotiate is something we are all looking forward to.”

Ramsgate Arts Primary School has a partnership with Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate as part of its Arts curriculum that will focus on specialist teaching of arts subjects including dance, music, drama and art, in purpose-built studios, while also delivering the International Primary Curriculum.